Loulette Bride Trunk Show

February 22nd - March 3rd

Loulette Bride and Loulette Lingerie are designed by best friends, Marteal Boniello and LaTimberly (Timmy) Johnson. Loulette gowns feature layers of sheer, textured silks, whimsical fabrics, and unique French laces in silhouettes that are sophisticated, yet fun, fresh, and playful. Everything is made with integrity, responsibility, and lots of love in New York City.


Modehaus Trunk Show

March 19th - April 2nd

Modehaus gowns are hand made for the bold and exceptional bride. Each gown is meticulously crafted with luxurious fabrics. With a fresh take on bridal wear, couturier Chelsea Lovett designs for the strong and independent woman. Empowering them to follow their personal style and celebrate their beauty.


The LAW Bridal

August 1st - August 26th

Designing gowns that cater to women with a clear and individual sense of style, The LAW focuses on minimalist silhouettes with exceptional details.

The bride is inevitably the focal point, and the gowns are the canvas - allowing her to transform the dress into something that is both personal and original. Handcrafted in NYC & Philadelphia.